Maybe one day, you'll mean something to me.

I Can Feel My Heart Beating

I Can Feel My Heart Beating

Maybe, it’s time, blind leading the blind.
I find myself breathing harder, the weight on my mind.
At night, I can feel my heart beating, without ever feeling.
I’m confused, because it hurts, and at any moment, it could burst.
What a sight it would be, for my mother to see, her son, with gold.
This is getting old, I don’t enjoy repetition.
I don’t enjoy growing bitter.
It’s like death is clocking…

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Take Out Your Pistol

Take Out Your Pistol

Walk 10 paces, turn around, and trade faces.
Names across our minds, time rewinds, and we find our fondest memories.
Since the day you were born, I knew we would end up here, as enemies.
Lifeless, you found nothing to live for, and I’ll be damned if you take that away from me.
See, we come from broken homes, except I knew how to fix mine, you left before you could learn.
The wheel turns,…

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At any given moment, I’d open a new wound.
I’m annoying.
I can’t stay still, I blink too much, I fret in bed, I think too much.
You could be in my arms, and I would still want to poke holes at you.
Leaving your cold skin, knowing I’m keeping it warm, just to carry out these tacts, designed by children.
We’re building towards a fresh future, filled with ideas, and adventures.
Here I am, here I…

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Finding God

How far must I go?

Turning pages, these words mean nothing.

Yes, they can relate to my situations, but to take a man’s child to test his faith?

Sometimes, I just don’t understand.

I was raised by wolves, and adopted by hypocrites.

We all live out the lies we were built on, telling stories of his glory, when in fact, he sounds like a killer.

Cold-blooded, I just don’t understand.

We could rejoice,…

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Today Is A New Day

Today Is A New Day


Today, is a new day.

We’ve painted the town red over the weekend, with hopes of finding our souls.

Happy hour, it’s over before we put our drinks down.

We consume it, because we’ve traded pain for liquor, yet, it’s costly.

Nothing in this world is free, except for the beasts.

This vicious cycle is never ending, and the memories are still pending.

Braincells for moments of happiness, or…

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I’m panicking, because the rent is due, and out the blue, new debt is born.

It’s funny, because I no longer judge those who do porn, for a form of means.

I’m losing hope, little by little, pound for pound, dollar to dollar.

I’m pushing towards the light, when the fight doesn’t seem worth it.

I mean, what else do I have to lose?

I can pick my friends, but can’t choose my luck.

The thing is, I need…

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The cure for the pain, is in the poison.

Leading my sorrows into a room full of ghosts.

We all weep, together, and realize that solitude is forever.

Moments spent with another physical being, it’s draining.

The thoughts of fainting don’t sound meager to me.

I rather be dead in my bed, than be with a vulture who wants to pick at my head.

Wishful thinking, I’m blinking, and you’re just talking,…

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Be More Than The Bull

Be More Than The Bull

At this point, I’m in.

Sink, or swim, love, and sin.

The truth is unsettling, and lies are a gentleman’s manners.

I squander, because I have yet to find my purpose.

Soul’s in the furnace, I shouldn’t be so annoying.

It’s like the story of the bull, and his lover, with phoenix eyes.

We are so used to deception, that when something genuine is present, we disguise ourselves.

The bull couldn’t help…

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Sweet Brother

On the road to find your soul.

A bowl, full of inspiration, burns through your body.

A new sun is born, and we’re full of life.

No sight, just shapes.

She holds you, closely, hoping you wouldn’t wake.

You looked so peaceful.

You didn’t even know, naive, to how cruel life will be.

Me, I’m right there with you, crying, because I love you, but I hate him.

Sin, it’s the inevitable, and past it, is…

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