Maybe one day, you'll mean something to me.

The Drink

A toast to our youth, it’s all we have, at this moment.
Our livers open, with no protest, we smile in war.
It’s pitch black, inside, we sit back, and let it take over.
Fear of growing older, because our goals seem so far away.
Sometimes, I wish things would be different; instead of drinking, we could be thinking of new theories, instead of thinking of old series.
Old series, that can only put the…

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Lost, Lost, And All Of The Above.

Lost, Lost, And All Of The Above.

I’m crying, while you hold me.
Was lonely; loathing, everything begins to die.
For my eyes, I’ve seen the mountains fall.
If you needed help, why didn’t you call?

I’ve smoked too much, and too much has happened.
The passion in me, understands that we must collapse, before we attack.
We must be plagued, so that we appreciate the remedy.
She’s letting me release, and I’m pleased; for my tears are…

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The Ocean


That’s what was given to me.
I like my ocean’s mourning, and singing.
What we bring on this ship, with no sail, is what we sink with.
I’ve been wearing these chains as if fashion was the latest.
Maybe, you’re afraid that we’ll rebel, and in time; hell will shelter you, instead of shackle us.
Bending backwards, for a God with no name, but a face, for us to dream about overthrowing.


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You believe in God, because you believe that you are him.
Only a mere image, finished, and felt from within.
When we sin, it’s a pin; pointed all over the map of where we would begin.
Don’t let your ego grow, because the roots are hard to find, let alone, dismantle.
We are a sample of our ancestors, and we try to cancel out the cancer.
It’s a plague that buries me, but I keep fighting for better…

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Time has never been on my side, and yet, I have about 100 years left.
I’ve slept for the majority of these two decades, but during my coma, I’ve dreamt.
Nothing is spent in vain; my pain, it’s worth 10 of your finest men.
For lent, I’ll give you up, because space makes the heart grow fonder; but if I was a betting man, I’d lose, because you’re stronger, and I can’t bare to see your eyes wander.

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My Father, The Hero

My Father, The Hero


I know you won’t read this, and if you do, it won’t matter. For a long time; you’ve been the main reason why I was so bitter towards life. Everything I did; all the mistakes I’ve made, it wasn’t in spite of you, but when I would get you angry, it was a bonus. It wasn’t until the phone call I received from you, last Saturday, that really opened my eyes to everything. In fact; that phone call…

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My intentions; they mean no harm, and seek peace.
The leash around my neck; it’s meant to please, never leave.
If we’re talking numbers, then I’ve lied a million times.
I can only promise that my intentions were pure.
How am I sure?
Well; when it rains, it pours.
A man of my word, put the sword where my heart is stored.
I can’t help it, I’m this person filled with so much love, that when you hate…

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Friends Pt. 3 (This Isn’t Over Yet, But I’ll Leave It At This)

Friends Pt. 3 (This Isn’t Over Yet, But I’ll Leave It At This)

What these people ALL had in common; they were loved by me, in their own way. I had found a new purpose, for each new person met. I regret nothing, or so I think, I only wish things could be different; but if they were, I wouldn’t have learned. I can’t be sorry what I’ve done, and vice versa.

M5; like it was yesterday, I still remember what you were like. Now; for the past year, or so, I haven’t…

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Friends Pt. 2 (We Were Infinite, For The Moment)

Friends Pt. 2 (We Were Infinite, For The Moment)

Your friends are there for you, through thick, and thin. It’s not a marriage, but a bond by heart. If someone isn’t there for you, in your time of need, then they’re not your friend. Plain, and fucking simple. Black, and fucking white. I was there for my friends, and they were there for me.

Now, to backtrack just a bit, because we all want to know what happens with the Jok3rs, Kaisy, and Emerson;…

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Friends Pt. 1 (The Introduction, really.)

Friends Pt. 1 (The Introduction, really.)

For most; loyalty is sacred, it’s a quality that goes overlooked, sometimes. My father, was loyal to a bunch of snakes, and although he had some of the qualities that made him look like one of his friends, he was always loyal. Money; it consumed him, because he never had any. I won’t elaborate too much, because my father, will have his very own post, tomorrow. The reason, for bringing him up, is…

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